ADHD and Brain Based Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care and holistic remedies can reduce and sometimes eliminate the symptoms of ADHD, without the use of harmful medications and stressful treatments.  Using the technology in our office the doctor can prove or disprove an ADD/ADHD diagnosis.  This is the first health care facility in the state to offer this level of care.  Discover if you or your child really have this brain disorder and learn what you can do to improve it, naturally.

With Dr. Keiran’s clinical experience and the use of current medical literature/research and technology, we have been able to easily and consistently show the connection between unbalanced brain activity and severity of ADD/ADHD symptoms in children and adults of all ages. With proven techniques, Dr. Keiran, can help retrain the brain to take control of it’s ability to focus.

Diet and environmental factors can also play a big role in helping, or hindering, the symptoms of ADD/ADHD; we can help you to develop a plan to eliminate causes in the diet or environment that may be contributing to ADD/ADHD symptoms.

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