Is it a Pinched Nerve?

The nerves that extend from your brain and spinal cord are essential for sending critical messages throughout your entire body, and back.

When these nerves are irritated or compromised, the body often sends a sharp shooting ‘pinching’ feeling as a warning. This is nothing to ignore! Essentially, this is a warning of a damaged and/or injured nerve. This nerve disruption may come from either the repetition of a certain body motion, or holding the body’s position for a long period of time. Other causes of irritated nerves may be: herniated disks (when a cervical disk bulges), degeneration of disk (spine degenerating due to age or other factors), and bony growths (bony growths in your neck due to arthritis or degenerative disk disease).

Is It A Pinched Nerve or Irritated Nerve?

A nerve rarely is “pinched”, most often it is irritated or compromised causing the entire flow of information to become garbled (remember that childhood game of telephone?) the nerve may stop communication and eventually may cause that nerve fiber to die. When enough fibers stop working, the skin may feel perpetually numb and muscles may stop contracting.

Can KST Chiropractic Care Help?

KST Chiropractic care has been proven to be effective for irritated or chafed nerves, as it concentrates on nerve system communication and checking specifically for constriction or miscommunication of nerve messages in the body. Finding and clearing the specific area to improve the proper communication in your nerve system. This improved communication between brain and body will ease the tension & stress, allowing improved function.